It is a good idea to establish a daily routine for increasing your level of English. Watch news in English but vary the accent by watching different channels, for example;

BBC - UK accent
NCB/CNN - US accent
ABC - Australian accent
RTE - Irish accent

You can also watch for interesting presentations on every topic imaginable. There is a site called for series and films in English with English subtitles and for those of you who like documentaries there is a site called that has some very interesting documentaries in English. These are all free and popular sites.

To keep track of your vocabulary, why not use the app Memrise:

You might also like to start reading in English. News and magazine articles are a great starting point and if you like fiction short stories are good to start with. Perhaps you can get an audio version too and read and listen at the same time. There are many options and it is just a matter of trying them out to see what you like and what works for you.

Writing practice can be established by writing a diary. This could be work related which will help to increase the regular work vocabulary that you need. Try to use the different tenses.

Good luck and most of all enjoy!

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